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Why Choose Us?

  • Daily Owner Involvement
  • OSHA compliant Prep room with 2 embalming stations and an assortment of Embalming fluids and accessories
  • Crematory with 3 B&L Retorts capable of over-sized cremations
  • State of the Art Cremation Processor that ensures even consistency of cremains
  • Combination Safe for holding valuable personal effects
  • 24 hour Removal and Transportation services for the State of Oklahoma and surrounding States
  • Walk-in Refrigeration unit for Temperature Controlled Body Storage
  • Ceiling mounted oversize Ultimate 1000 body lift
  • Witness of Cremation and ID View options
  • Fairly Priced Services
  • Death Certificate Specialist
  • Office for Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Ship-out across the Country and Internationally