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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Oklahoma Mortuary Service for your needs? We are doing everything we can to simplify your job, as well as reassure you that we are taking the utmost care of those that you entrust to us.

First, each decedent that we bring into our care is given a unique barcode. Your funeral home will have its own portal where you can access and see where anyone is at any given time in our care (cooler, prep room, prepped/ready to be delivered, etc).

Additionally, we are taking fingerprints on everyone brought into our care. We then forward those fingerprints to their respective funeral homes. You will have this should your families want or need it for any reason.

Our facilities have modern, hot-hearth retorts (3 B&L Phoenix II units) that are capable of cremating persons up to 1000 pounds. We have a two-person review of all cremation paperwork that is sent to us. This is done to reduce the possibility of any errors. Upon review, each employee verifies the person being cremated, as well as any special requests you may have for that cremation.

Documents you may need are easily found on our website.

At OMS, we strive to make your job easier. We would be honored to earn your trust and your business.

  • Daily Owner Involvement
  • OSHA compliant Prep room with 2 embalming stations and an assortment of Embalming fluids and accessories
  • Crematory with 3 B&L Retorts capable of over-sized cremations
  • State of the Art Cremation Processor that ensures even consistency of cremains
  • Combination Safe for holding valuable personal effects
  • 24 hour Removal and Transportation services for the State of Oklahoma and surrounding States
  • Walk-in Refrigeration unit for Temperature Controlled Body Storage
  • Ceiling mounted oversize Ultimate 1000 body lift
  • Witness of Cremation and ID View options
  • Fairly Priced Services
  • Death Certificate Specialist
  • Office for Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Ship-out across the Country and Internationally