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New OMS Tulsa Location

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Oklahoma Mortuary Service is excited to announce a second location in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

OMS Tulsa
8 N. Trenton Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120
24-Hour 918-551-6129
Toll Free 888-860-6160
Fax 918-551-7797                                                                      

Our first day of business will be September 12, 2022, at 8:00AM.  We are currently offering removal, embalming, and transportation services. Soon we will offer cremation services on site as well.  New retorts have been ordered and we are awaiting delivery.  In the meantime, if your company has cremation needs, we can provide these services without additional fees out of our Oklahoma City location which has three operational retorts.

OMS Tulsa will offer these services at no additional charge to our customers:

  • Each decedent that comes into our care is fingerprinted with a Biometric thumbprint reader, not cards (there are occasional exceptions such as advanced decomposition)
  • Each decedent is given their own unique barcode
  • Each of our accounts will have a login, which will show a ‘dashboard’ of each person you have entrusted to our care. You can track where every decedent is, at any point in our care (i.e. cooler, prep room, ready for delivery, etc.)
  • OMS maintains an interactive website, where you can download forms as needed (special requests, authorization to cremate, etc.)
  • We update our website and Facebook page with news and information that is relevant to you

As the owner of a small business, I am continually trying to find ways for us to work seamlessly together. We want you to find value in what we do for your funeral home locations. We are currently renovating the building to better suit our employees’ and customers’ needs, but feel free to stop by and meet our staff and see the facilities. Please call with any questions you may have. Our staff works hard and is proud to serve you and your families. We look forward to working with you.