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New additions to OMS facilities

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We are excited to announce that OMS has recently added a 3rd retort to our facility. This new retort is a B&L Phoenix II-I and is capable of up to 1000-pound capacity. This new addition will help with increasingly larger cremations, the overall uptick in the cremation rate, as well as helping ensure quick turnaround times.

Additionally, we were able to secure a cooling container for additional holding space. This new cooler gives us approximately 320 square feet, in addition to our current 800 sf cooler currently inside the building. We have added vertical shelving inside the larger cooler to maximize that space. Where we previously had space for one person, with vertical shelving, we now have space for four, quadrupling that holding capacity.

We also recently acquired an electric hydraulic lift to facilitate safe and easy loading of remains into the cooler as well as the crematory.

We are excited about these changes, as well as others that we have in the works, that will help us keep up with all our clients’ needs. We appreciate your continued trust.