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Fulcrum Biometrics Fingerprint Capturing Device

  • OMS 

We have recently purchased a Fulcrum Biometrics Fingerprint Capturing Device

We have tested the device and it will capture a print and email it successfully.  I am asking that each of you dedicate an email address just for fingerprints for your location so that we may be able to submit them electronically at our discretion. 

Doing this will save us from using ink strips and having your staff sign for print cards.  The old way was time consuming, unsanitary, and cumbersome as we all are aware. 

I am asking that you email us an address so that we may be able to start immediately emailing these prints.  The address we will be using to send prints will be .  Please make sure we don’t end up as spam to your email server.

As the owner of a small business, I am continually trying to find ways for us to work seamlessly together and for you to find value in what we do for your funeral home locations.  I appreciate each of you.  Our staff works hard and is proud to serve you and your families.